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Where to start, what step to take next, & how to finally find your perfect path? Not exactly easy things to figure out on your own.

Whether you’re at the starting line (ready to break out of the workplace BS) or you’ve been a business owner for a while & need your next big move—

Your breakthru is waiting for you.

We developed our coaching programs to foster clarity & accountability—plus, there’s the added bonus of a relatable, encouraging group of women to walk alongside you through it all.  

Option 1 | The Online Income Accelerator

Introducing Your Complete Online Business Accelerator Roadmap. 

Get my proven, 5-step bulletproof system and process to harness your finances, time, personal brand, social media, sales, and monetize your online business in just 90 Days.

  • On Demand Video Series
  • Go at your own pace
  • Workbook to follow along
  • Access to our L.A.B community

this is best for you if:

You want to level up your side hustle and have the foundation in place to succeed.

You want to have a money plan (especially if you have debt pay off) and want to activate it.

You want to use social media for lead gen but are confused on how to build a personal brand online.

Starting at $97


Option 2 | She's Creating An Empire™ Breakthru Success Coaching

Create lasting results in your life & career with confidence—and lay the foundation for your Empire. Inside, Melanie teaches the Empire Success Method™ through 12 modules of self-led curriculum, with weekly LIVE Q&A sessions, as well as an online community hub for members.

The best part? This program is designed to help students get breakthru results within the first 90 days.

  • A perfect place to start for any woman ready to make a positive change in her life.
  • Year-long commitment
  • Direct coaching from Melanie & the CYE Team

This is best for you if:

You’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads in life—and something’s gotta change to help you create the life, career & bank account you dream about.

You’ve got a pretty good handle on your current situation, which means you’re not facing any major setbacks or challenges—financial or otherwise. 

You aren’t afraid of putting in the work—or being honest with yourself & others—in order to get where you want to go.

Starting at $297

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Option 3 | The Breakthru Success Coaching Certification Program

Become a Certified Breakthru Success Coach and gain clients or help your existing ones to create lasting results in their lives & careers. Melanie teaches members of the program to teach The Empire Breakthru Success SystemTM to their clients—and grow an online coaching income.

  • Coaches & Aspiring Coaches
  • Certification program to equip you to serve your coaching clients with CYE curriculum 
  • 12-Month program
  • By application only
  • Monthly calls, self-paced curriculum, and private group with your peers 

This is the program for you if:

You dream of becoming the kind of coach who helps your clients achieve major breakthru, create financial fitness, restore family relationships, believe in themselves enough to achieve their professional goals, or launch their dream company.

You crave freedom & flexibility in your own career and are looking for a way to increase your income—especially if your earning potential is only limited by your own efforts and dedication to your clients.

You have an enthusiastic and ambitious business-owner mindset, and you feel your life’s purpose & calling is helping others reach their maximum potential.

your investment: $2,997

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Believe it or not, life isn’t supposed to run you ragged and burn you out —Even if you’ve never had a mentor who modeled what excelling at work and in life can look like, you can be the cycle breaker & write your own success story.   

(I would know—because that’s my bio.) 

here's how we do things:

Change your mindset.

Some of those age-old truths you’ve believed your whole life are just plain wrong. From self-worth to boundaries, burnout to work-life balance, and when you feel like everything is as it should be, but nothing feels right—we’ll cover it all and learn to reconstruct, re-parent, and reframe our thoughts for productivity, purpose & profit. 

Commit to your goals.

Dreaming about the kind of life you want to live & actually making it happen are two very different things. You’ll hear a lot of talk about accountability & committing to action because, without them, you can’t get anything done! Together, we’ll learn to break down our goals into accomplishable tasks for progress one step at a time! 

Find joy & freedom.

Around here, we don’t shy away from putting in the work—but we also don’t believe in living a life that leads to burnout and breakdowns. We’ll balance out that focus on our goals & success with plenty of attention to how you care for yourself, restore your energy, invest in your relationships & family, and make time for FUN! 

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Hosting an event? Make Melanie your keynote. 

Learn from Melanie and the She's Creating An Empire™ team inside one of our courses or programs.

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Pop in your Earbuds— get coaching on the go.

The She’s Creating an Empire™ Podcast helps you process & apply some of the most powerful principles of business & life—in an easy-listening format you can take with you on the treadmill … or wherever. 

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