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Ending the Solo-preneur Struggle to Become an Empowered CEO with Shelagh Cummins

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I'm Melanie

I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality. 

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I believe that all women need to have multiple streams of income. They need to know how to invest their money. They need to know where their money is and where it’s going. Like we need to be in a position of control

Shelagh Cummins is the Founder and CEO of The Road to Seven™  – a coaching, training, and financing company that guides women entrepreneurs in building a profitable and fulfilling business. Driven by an unwavering belief in the power of women entrepreneurs and their impact on both society and the economy, The Road™ provides the tools, the support, and the community needed to achieve their wildest dreams.

For the past decade, Shelagh Cummins has helped women entrepreneurs transform from struggling solopreneurs to thriving CEOs. They learn to shift to empowered action while removing the barriers to their success. Shelagh inspires her students to park the excuses and become #womenofaction. She is not afraid to kick out the crutches, make over mindsets, and flatten fears – always with a healthy dose of humour and candour.

The Road to Seven™ works tirelessly to rewrite the rules when it comes to capital access for this resilient and highly dedicated group of entrepreneurs. We must stop asking why women are not good investments and start asking how we can better invest in women.

In this episode, Shelagh shares her biggest obstacles that she had to overcome going from that spot to where she is right now with a thriving business:

  • “The biggest learning I had was that it’s actually quite expensive to run a company
  • “The biggest mistake that I made right when I started charging was I wasn’t charging enough to actually run a company, and I was only charging for the hour that I worked, not the 2 hours prep that I had done the hour post, the cost of having a website, having some softwares, I wasn’t taking into account all of those things.”
  • “Another mistake is I didn’t pay my tax account and pay off that credit card right away and at 18% to 22% interest, you know, money’s going to go one of two ways. It’s either going to snowball into huge profits if you’re investing or it’s going to snowball into huge debt.
  • “Another one of the biggest learnings was figuring out what it was that I was teaching and putting it into my unique process and then being able to turn that into group programs and that’s where I have focused for the last probably six years.

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The Breakthru CEO Masterclass

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