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Financial Breakthrough & Transformation

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I'm Melanie

I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality. 

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I really want you to understand that to reach a breakthrough you actually have to come through something. The word breakthrough in itself means that we have to break an old habit, belief, idea, vibration and get through it to the other side.

Hey there. Now, on this episode, we’re going to be talking about how you create financial breakthroughs at any given point in the year. Before you get one step further and frustrated with your results, take a listen and we’ll see if we can create that transformation you’ve been looking for.

So how do we create that breakthrough? What do we need to do?

Well, I think oftentimes what we try to do is we try to figure out what’s wrong and then we start thinking about what’s wrong. Thinking about what’s not working really brings negative emotion and negative feelings. Instead start to focus on the things that are bringing in, the reality is, if you can change the feeling that you’re in, you can actually change the result that you’re getting.

When we get that first bit of negative emotion, we can take a minute. We can stop. We can literally take a nice, deep breath in. Sight on the way out and let your mouth smile.

Because the reality is your mind can’t fight a smile and neither can anybody else’s. As you start to say these things out loud, the way you process your day, the way you’re feeling is going to start to change. And of course, you’ll attract more and better things to yourself because you’re feeling more and better.

If you want to create a financial breakthrough, How are you currently feeling about attracting more money, having more than enough, not just enough or not enough money, but having more than enough money . Are you creating feelings that are leading you towards the right, you know, mindset to be in attraction mode?

So here’s a couple of things that you can do that will help you to shift your mindset quickly and create that breakthrough that you’re looking for.

  • Get your mindset manifesto and read them twice a day.
  • Give yourself a five minute U-turn for when you catch yourself feeling bad.
  • Ask yourself, Am I serving myself? Am I serving my end results, my end goal by having this emotion? If not, release it and bless whatever is going on. 
  • If you need to forgive somebody at that moment, do it. Whether they ask for forgiveness or not, whether they’re still doing the thing wrong or not. Forgive, release and bless them.
  • Make sure that you are focused on your end result.

When you go to work for money, you are a slave. But when money goes to work for you, you are the master. So with that, Do all the things we want to reach a million women with the message of financial independence, branding, business and bank accounts that they love.

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