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How to do a Life Audit for Total Transformation

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I'm Melanie

I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality. 

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A life audit allows us to make course corrections quickly so that we don’t get so far down the road that it’s a lost cause and put a little bit more energy into the areas of our life that need improvement.

I’m really excited because on today’s episode we’re going to talk about doing a life audit. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that term life audit, but it’s like a bank audit at work, except you’re actually auditing your own life. 

A life audit, it’s really quite simple, but kind of complicated. And I’ll tell you why I say that. A life audit is like looking at the buckets of your life, right? We have friends, family, fitness, friendship, finances.

The point of a life audit is to make sure that you never get to the end of your days with regret. But instead you are rejoicing.  Look at all the important areas of your life and ask yourself this questions: 

  • Am I currently happy with the results that I’m getting? 
  • Rating yourself on a scale of 1-10 with those results, 1 being very low or 10, crushing it. 
  • Do you want the best version of yourself ten years from now? 
  • Are my current habits going to get me there if I stay on this track?
  • What happens if you get the money and the freedom? But you don’t have your health? Or what happens if you have your health and don’t have the money and the freedom? 

It’s important to find balance and rhythm because whenever you focus on one thing, you naturally draw your attention away from something else. So as you’re learning to build a business brand, and bank account that you love, of course your energy is going to be shifting to different buckets.

Practice doing your life audit every three to four months, you actually are going to see a compound result and you will be astonished at where you can be just a few years, months, or even weeks from now.

Now you’re going to hear me talk about education, learning, mentorship, coaching, a lot because it’s really how I’ve transformed my life from being a broke homeless single mom to doing and living and wherever I want. 

And it’s how you can do it, too. Let me know how it goes.

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