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How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast with Sandy Forster

“There’s nothing that I love more than inspiring other women to get out there and know that you don’t have to be someone special. You just have to do the work, and you just have to rewire your mind. You just have to continually be focusing on what you want and everything it can change.” […]

Overcoming Guilt

“Adopt the idea that you’re actually supposed to be wealthy. It’s not a side note or that there’s something wrong with you, but in reality, you’re supposed to be wealthy, you were born to build wealth. You were born to do business. You were born to do it. So, if you are born to do […]

How to Become a Marketing Superstar

“Are you frustrated with not having enough clients? Are you looking at your social media thinking, how do people actually get clients on social media? Are you looking to up your brand and improve your exposure? Well, this episode is for you how to become a Marketing Superstar. A big part of what we do […]

Ending the Solo-preneur Struggle to Become an Empowered CEO with Shelagh Cummins

“I believe that all women need to have multiple streams of income. They need to know how to invest their money. They need to know where their money is and where it’s going. Like we need to be in a position of control“ Shelagh Cummins is the Founder and CEO of The Road to Seven™  […]

Ignite Your Creativity

“Our dreams, I believe, are always knocking at the door of our heart, and it can actually cause dissension because we are not thinking about them directly. But our souls try to communicate to us that there’s more to life than what we’re doing.“ So, today’s episode, we’re talking about how you can ignite your […]

Multiple Streams of Income and Where to Start

Network Marketing is a great way to start building an income from home outside of what you are currently doing because it allows you to start with very little investment and very little risk. In this episode, we’re going to be talking about multiple streams of income and where to start. Have you ever wanted […]

Creating Ride or Die Fans for Life with Megan Brame

“As entrepreneurs, the most valuable thing that we can do in our marketing is to identify the platform that we need to be on for our business, where our people are hanging out and how they’re interacting on that platform.” Megan is a 5x award-winning Advanced Digital Marketing Strategist and author. Megan is now doing […]

Financial Breakthrough & Transformation

I really want you to understand that to reach a breakthrough you actually have to come through something. The word breakthrough in itself means that we have to break an old habit, belief, idea, vibration and get through it to the other side. Hey there. Now, on this episode, we’re going to be talking about […]

How to do a Life Audit for Total Transformation

A life audit allows us to make course corrections quickly so that we don’t get so far down the road that it’s a lost cause and put a little bit more energy into the areas of our life that need improvement. I’m really excited because on today’s episode we’re going to talk about doing a […]

Creating an Online Business By Design with James Wedmore

“Be able to develop the inner game, as we like to call it, the mental, emotional toughness, the resiliency. It’s so crucial. And if you just look at how most of us were raised from a traditional education standpoint, none of us were prepared for a life of entrepreneurship.” -James Wedmore James Wedmore was born […]

The Millionista Morning Money Routine

So feeling those things in your heart and seeing them already done gives me a vision. It inspires me for the day. In this episode we’re going to talk about the millionista morning routine. So let’s go through the steps that I take in the morning, which are one part personal, one part business so […]

Self Care Hacks for Busy Women

There was a fire that ignited my soul to build a business even bigger and better to help more women. You can’t give from an empty cup. We have to fill our cups first. Hey there. Today we are going to be talking today all about self care hacks for beautiful women just like you.  […]

Breaking the Cycle of Employee to Become an Entrepreneur with Eleanor Beaton

“So what did I do? I started to analyse my audience and I was like, who brings in the most money? Who is the easiest to sell to? Who are my best clients? And I literally cut 60% of my audience and since then, my whole business growth has been about looking constantly.” Eleanor Beaton […]

Money is Energy, Put it to Work

Have you ever been standing at the cashier going to pay for something and thinking, Oh, my gosh, I hope this card works? Not even knowing what the balance is. In this episode, we’re talking about how money is energy. And a long time ago, I didn’t know this was true. I thought money was […]

Five Steps to Become Financially Fit

“I think the biggest lie facing society today is that if you go to school, get a good education, and get a good job, you will somehow reach financial independence. The reality is that, after working for 40 years, you will hopefully retire on 40% less than what you could live on in the first […]

The Journey of Mom-preneurship with Dana Malstaff

“Business and entrepreneurship is just about testing; you know, we’re all out there trying to figure it out and it takes a significant amount of trial and error, and even more for some than others.” -Dana Malstaff Dana Malstaff is the Founder of Boss Mom and the creator of the Nurture to Convert Society. She […]

How to Create a Master Plan to Hit Your Goals in 10 Years

“I was around 35 when I realized that I didn’t know where I wanted to be in ten years. I had no clear plan.“ -Melanie Greenough I was around 35 when I came to realize that I had been working so hard, doing everything I knew how to do, such as building the business and […]

Becoming the CEO of Your Life

“This is a place where we incubate your dreams, desires, and ideas. We help you with your mindset and how to effectively get your vision and mission out into the marketplace in a way that attracts your consumers and converts them to raving fans.“ -MELANIE GREENOUGH In this episode, we’re going to focus on becoming […]

Purpose-Driven, Multimillion-Dollar Business with Kara Goldin

“The more we actually share our stories, the more we help others to do the tough things and the crazy things, as Steve Jobs used to say, the things that are critical for us to see.” Kara Goldin In this episode, we meet the successful Kara Goldin, the founder and CEO of HINT Inc., a […]

Homeless, Single Mom Turned Leading Business Strategist & CEO

“Real transformation takes time. It takes investment. It takes you focusing. It takes learning, growing and doing things differently.“ ~Melanie Greenough My name is Melanie Greenough, and I’m a broke homeless single mom turned highly successful online CEO who is obsessed with helping people break free and create empires online. My mission is to show […]

I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality.

Now, I’m an internationally respected business success coach, mentor, and personal development educator—and I want to help you create your empire.

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Join me for chats about how to approach your time, life, business, commitments, & work as the CEO of your life. 

Turning inspiration into action one conversation at a time

From boosting your confidence, sales conversions or starting an online business, to hiring your first employee or navigating personal relationships as an entrepreneur, to branding yourself online or WOWing your customers in your social connections…
Nothing is off limits.

I’ll help you:

Change your mindset.

Some of those age-old truths you’ve believed your whole life are just plain wrong. From self worth to boundaries, burnout to work-life balance, and when you feel like everything is as it should be, but nothing feels right—we’ll cover it all and learn to reconstruct, re-parent, and reframe our thoughts for productivity, purpose & profit. 

Commit to your goals.

Dreaming about the kind of life you want to live & actually making it happen are two very different things. Accountability and taking action will be constant topics of discussion on the podcast because, without them, you can’t get anything done! Together, we’ll learn to break down our goals into accomplishable tasks for progress one step at a time! 

Find joy & freedom.

Around here, we don’t shy away from putting in the work—but we also don’t believe in living a life that leads to burnout and breakdowns. We’ll balance out that focus on our goals & success with plenty of attention to how you care for yourself, restore your energy, invest in your relationships & family, and make time for FUN! 


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Have you ever wanted to make more money—but you’re just not sure how? More hours at your job isn't the answer, so what is? We’ll talk next steps to start to shift and make money, either through investing or becoming a business owner.

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